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With our direct manufactures pricing, we can offer turnkey solutions for all your watering needs

We acquire the proper water and plant specifications from you providing streamlined service and installation; our expert knowledge of RO water treatment and onsite collaboration with the manufacture assures your company of the best water desalination within the market; with ease of operation and turnkey systems only available with our service.

Desalination Plants are Designed for your specific needs and include:

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SWRO Series 50 Hz

Seawater Desalination Machines

45,000 ppm NaCl

500-1500 m3/day (100-300 gpm)

Basic Features (BAS)

• GE Fanuc Quick Panel 6-inch color display -Primarily text operating screens-Touchscreen controls

• GE Fanuc Micro VersaMax-Communication: RS232/DH485-Analog output: 6 points

• 4-20 mA instruments displayed on instrument center

• Variable frequency drive (VFD) for high pressure pump

• Motor starter for boost pump

• Stand alone master control enclosure, skid mounted local control enclosure with terminal strips

• Membrane/ energy recovery device (ERD)/boost pump and pump/prefilter located on separate skids

Premium Features (PRE)

• GE Fanuc QuickPanel 12”

12-inch color display-Text and pictorial operating screens-Touchscreen controls

• GE Fanuc VersaMax Communication: RS232/DH485/Ethernet Analog output: 4 points

• 4-20 mA instruments on touchscreen

• Primary and final pressure transmitters

• Variable frequency drive (VFD) for high pressure pump

• Motor starter for boost pump

• Automated valves and control for feed flush on shut down

• Stand alone master control enclosure, local control enclosure with remote I/O

• Membrane/ energy recovery device (ERD)/boost pump and pump/prefilter located on separate skids


Flow Meters........................Permeate, concentrate,

low pressure (LP) ERD inlet,

high pressure (HP) ERD outlet

Pre-filter, post-filter, primary, final, permeate, concentrate,

LP ERD inlet, LP ERD outlet, HP ERD inlet, HP ERD outlet (PRE Feature= Primary, Final transmitter)

Pressure Switches...........Feed, permeate, concentrate, primary Instrument Center ..........Thornton 770 MAX

Health Alerts

     With the massive industrialization following World War II,
hundreds of thousands of new synthetic chemicals were manufactured.
Tons were dumped in lakes, streams and rivers, almost with total abandon.

Over the years, scientists and biologists discovered that a significant number
 of these chemicals cause cancer in animals and humans.

The most significant carcinogens include:

  • arsenic
  • herbicides
  • pesticides
  • fungicides
  • industrial solvents

Like many pesticides, the chlorination of drinking water can lead to the
formation of chloride-organic combinations, many of which have been shown
to be toxic to cells and cause cancers.

Carefully done studies have shown higher rates of colon, rectal, and bladder
cancers in areas with chlorinated water supplies. It has been suggested that
5,000 cases of bladder cancer and 8,000 cases of rectal cancer per year could be
 attributed to drinking chlorinated water.

5 Types of Water ... Are You Drinking Poison?

On one hand, we are told by health authorities, both local and federal,
that municipal drinking water supplies are cleaner and healthier than ever.
Yet there are reports, usually buried within documents not readily available
to the public, indicating that major problems still face us — and that they
 may be worsening. My special report, ”Is Your Water Fit to Drink?” reveals
what you need to know today.

In it you’ll discover:

     There has been new concern over the dramatic rise in industrial compounds
and pesticides called xenoestrogens, which act like estrogens, infiltrating water
supplies. These compounds interact with estrogen receptors much like natural
estrogen. The concern is that they may increase the risk of breast cancers, cause
early and over-development of female sexual organs, impair male sex organ
development, and adversely affect brain function.

Tomorrow's Technology Today



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 Desalination and Filtration with advanced products for the treatment of water.


Varying configurations of RO+ MF+ & UF+ systems incorporating the patented intellectual propriety enables our group to configure systems for the desalination by reverse osmosis and filtration of sea, brackish or turbid waters of any capacity in a variety of applications.

A wide range of unique patented filtration products are available for the treatment of various Industrial processes and primary & secondary sewage effluents.




Environmentally friendly
Home Innovations

Desalination technologies that significantly refine conventional RO Micro filtration desalination technologies.
Waste water Medium/Small RO Products Services Technological innovations offer the only systems available in the world today that inhibit fouling and scaling during operation, eliminating the need for chemicals and achieving higher fluxes than conventional, higher energy reliant RO membrane systems.
Press  Water watch Album Spectrum

30% Cost Profile reduction in water treatment
Research with membrane technology is taking the world by storm!

Designed plants for your own specific needs.
Training for your operator/s
 maintenance contracts
 full service backup
guarantees on 1000³m/d 16" Seawater RO Plants
These chemical-free, energy efficient innovations improve membrane performance with greater flux rates, lower
overall energy consumption and provide longer plant life with significantly reduced plant foot prints than conventional Reverse 16" Membrane vs. Conventional 8" Osmosis systems.
 Innovations overcome the fouling and low flux limitations of conventional RO systems through a combination of patented technologies




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