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Crew Vessels




Fast Supply Intervention Crew Vessel


Available to build at our yard;

FSICV 54 meter DP1

 300 sq meter   270T aft deck strength

10  month build contracts with installments

on build progress


USAsia Offshore   Gripper Energy are financing asset proven working vessels to mid size and large companies with new deliveries of Offshore Vessels and Drilling Jack Ups - Drill Ships -


Crew Vessels @ 70-80 GA for "Standard" And The "Heavy Duty 29 kts. Engine and Supply with Extra Berths for owners in a Deluxe Version of - 10 crew berths and 70 pax in 8 crew cabins and 2 owners Cabins with Sickbay-


This is also built in a Security Vessel Design for Total Offshore Technical Specifications  we have 3-4 units delivering in 3-5 months and will deliver with [ ballistic Glass throughout the vessel Deluge System - Armor Plating and 3 Cat Heavy Duty Main Engines for a total of `15-17 kts. with 24 seating and berthing for military personnel- with ready room -  safe room _ extra large Mess and Galley with 2 room berths - 1 4 room berth 1 Engineering Berth - 1 mate Berth 1 Captain Berth  Safe Room Interior Firing point on the deluxe version- and bow port and starboard firing point with extra armour plating as prescribed by Total Specifications- Two port and Starboard Firing positions at the aft quarter-

with fully armoured crew and military interior areas- including Ready Room & Sickbay

6 m USD$ delivered Promptly


Fast Transfer Crew Vessels (19 meter 27 kts. open cargo and 27 pax-








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USAsia Offshore Services -

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